2021 Mt Alexander Shire Riesling
2021 Mt Alexander Shire Riesling

2021 Mt Alexander Shire Riesling

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The first blossoms of Spring, Snowdrops and Peonies. Aromatic and perfumed, with soft lime peel and Meyer lemon. Textural and soft sweetness on first sip, then citrus blossom and honey. Pale peach, fresh and just tender. It’s like a steady Foxtrot in the soft light of dusk - flinty minerality partnered with acidity, hand in hand as the sun gently lowers in the sky. Then, as the light becomes dim and the music slows, the duo takes their last twirl and finish, the pair not wanting to linger in the low light.

Handpicked in early March, the whole bunches were delicately pressed into stainless steel for ferment, using only wild yeasts from the vineyard. The ferment lasted 10 days and was stopped early, with 18g residual sugar left. Racked into two beeswax lined 300L Artenova (Italian) Terracotta Amphorae and aged for 9 months.

Region: Bendigo

Sub-region: Faraday

Vineyard: Faraday Vineyard

Harvest: 23 March 2021, machine harvested

Aged: In 2 x 300L Amphorae

Bottled: late December 2021

Bottles: 700

Closure: Natural cork

Palate: Mineral and flint. Off-dry (RS18), with hints of honey, white florals and stone fruit. Pairs well with Thai Green Chicken.

P • P • P • Classification: Place.

This wine is an expression of our Faraday vineyard. Very little winemaking, raw and unadapted, this Riesling speaks for the unique site in which the grapes are grown.

 Tasting notes: 2021 Mt Alexander Shire Riesling.