Next Cellar Door open weekend - Heathcote on Show Weekend (11th - 13th June 2022).


The winery is our playground. We like to have fun.

We make our wine in Newham, at Hanging Rock Winery. There are a few reasons for this:

  1.  We grew out of our little tin shed in Knowsley. This is where Peter Armstead, the previous owner of our property, made all of his wine from 2003 - 2017. However, when we embarked on this adventure, we (crazily) decided to take on an extra 5 tonne of fruit (in 2018) and the little shed just wouldn't have cut it for 15 tonne of fruit we crushed.

  2. I have been able to work alongside some incredible winemakers to learn from them and also get help when things go a little pear shaped. These guys are:

    - Rob Ellis, the chief winemaker at Hanging Rock Winery, has incredible knowledge and experience, that he is willing to share and pass on. A great friend too, we always enjoy a bottle (or few) together.

    - Etienne Mangier, who was the Assistant Winemaker at Hanging Rock Winery up until the end of vintage 2021, but who also owns and runs North Wine, a boutique label out of the Macedon Ranges focusing on premium natural wines. Eddy's passion for wine is contagious. 

In the winery, whilst striving to create serious wines which stand the test of time, I also like to have a bit of play with my booze, not wanting to take everything too seriously all the time. This has resulted in our play wines, intended to be drunk for no specific reason, but on any occasion. Picnic wines: easy drinking blends that bring joy and fun and a bounce to your step. These wines don’t challenge or require concentration or effort. They make you feel at home – friendly, welcoming, soul warming wines. They are like seeing your best friend after months apart, the ecstasy infectious and exhilarating.