Next Cellar Door open weekend - Heathcote on Show Weekend (11th - 13th June 2022).


Wine is about the people.

The people who grew the grapes. The people who made the wine. And the people who drink the bottle. 

People are such a fundamental part of wine. Without the vignerons, the winemakers and the people talking about the wine and sharing its story, there is no joy or sense of occasion in opening a bottle. Without the people, wine is just grape juice in a spiffy glass.

Wine is part of the fabric of life, whether be cracking a bottle mid-week with a simple steak and three veg, or popping a champagne to celebrate a significant milestone on a Saturday night. Wine adds complexity and depth to our experiences. It's a thread that brings joy in celebration and sometimes sadness in reminiscing and honouring what was.

To that end, people have significant impact on our wines.

Outdoors, it's the vignerons, be it their choice to leave the vineyard wild and free, or to craft and shape it to develop and produce a particular flavour profile in the grapes. 

In the tin shed, it's how we make the wines. Some wines need direction - they need to be crafted and altered through their fermentation and ageing process to ensure flavours and aromas develop as best as they can. Whereas, some wines need very little attention and alteration.

And then finally, the storyteller. These people are critical in sharing our story, telling you about our wines and communicating our philosophies. They give our wines their voice, so that you can understand and appreciate our viticulture and winemaking.

Our people pillar is about sharing the story of a person in our process. Capturing our favourite styles or a particular winemaking technique. Celebrating the vignerons, winemakers and storytellers. So that you, as the people who open the bottle, can enjoy and savour everything about the wine.